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The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website refers to many useful websites that provide tools, services, information and inspiration.

This page links to many sites referred to in the book and some of those the book couldn't squeeze in. This list is regularly updated and new sites added based on recommendations in the forum.

Links to sites featured in the book
THE Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website shows many sites and discusses what makes them examples of good design. This list brings links to all these sites together so you can enjoy them via their intended medium.
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  Visit Easily   Easily
BRITISH web hosting service offering domain name registration, web forwarding, web hosting, virtual hosting, email, email forwarding and site building services and advice. All the services are monitored and maintained via a customers' user-friendly control panel.
  Visit Nvu  

AN FREE web editor. Nvu (pronounced new view) has been developed as 'open source' software. This means the code used in the program is available free and has been developed by several individuals and groups. It was designed for use on the Linux operating system but Windows and Mac versions are available.

  Visit Tripod   Tripod
TRIPOD is part of the Lycos network. The Tripod community is one of the original free hosting services. Customers can create websites for free and Tripod makes money but placing advertisements on the sites. A huge directory lists all the sites by interest and subject matter.
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  Visit GeoCities   GeoCities
GEOCITIES is to Yahoo! what Tripod is to Lycos.
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  Click to visit BBC Webwise   BBC Webwise
INFORMATION and resources for web users from the BBC.
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  Click to visit FOLDOC   FOLDOC - Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
STUCK with a technical term or stumped by jargon? Here's the first place to go for an explanation. Denis Howe's definitive work has over 14,000 definitions.
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  StatCounter measures this site's traffic   Excellent traffic stats, FREE!
STATCOUNTER.com provides all the web traffic stats for this site. It's free to set up and use with charges applying when traffic starts to reach commercially viable levels .
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  Visit the Free Site   The Free Site
ALMOST anything you could want for a website can be found here, for free! The Free Site has links to hosting services, email providers, software downloads, message board hosting. The site is based in America. The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website can't be held responsible for the content of any external websites.
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  Visit the site   The JavaScript Source
THIS is the place to find those handy bits of JavaScript to make your web pages do all kinds of useful things. The code samples on this site came from here.
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Photography Resource Webring




  Try the Photography Resource Webring
INTERLINKED sites with a common theme. The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website is part of the Resource collection and you can move around the ring using the navigation on the left. The heading and the button on the right link to the main photography webring homepage.
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    Visit the forum
INTERACT and exchange ideas with other visitors to this site on the message boards. The forum is a good place to find and share advice and information.
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