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The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website book has a chapter dedicated to handling response from a website and this site aims to stay true to the advice given in the book. But it isn't easy...

SINCE this site launched in the summer of 2005 the author and web designer have been innundated with kind messages of thanks, congratulations and requests for individual help. Due to time constraints, the team can't guarantee a personal response to every message. There is a forum to accompany The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website where readers can exchange ideas and get technical help from the community.

Author Martyn Moore
THE writer who created The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website is Martyn Moore. He is a professional photographer and an award-winning writer and magazine editor. Martyn has built many websites and written hundreds of magazine articles on photography and web design. He also gives lectures and has made numerous television and radio appearances. This is his first book. Martyn lives in Cambridgeshire, England with his wife and two daughters.
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THE book is published by David & Charles. A British publishing house based in Devon. David & Charles publishes an range of quality books that are available worldwide.
  Community forum
CONTACT each other! Share your views and questions with other readers of The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website. This forum is not moderated.
  Web designer
STEVEN Booth is the designer responsible for this website and all the free templates. Steven is a talented multimedia artist based in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
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