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It's amazing what you can get for free. HTML and image editors, internet utilities and web page elements are all available to download here.

MOST of these links will take you to the developers' websites in a new window. This ensures you are downloading the most recent version of the application. It also allows you to learn more about the programs and understand the terms and conditions of use. Some programs are provided free for personal, non-commercial use only. Others will download more than one program to your computer, so be aware that your computer may be at risk from spyware and viruses. The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website is not responsible for any consequencies arising from the downloading or use of these programs.

Web page editor
OUR favourite free web page editor is Nvu, pronounced 'new view'. Click the button to visit the Nvu website and follow the instructions from there.

Image editor
IRFANVIEW is featured in the book and is recommended as a free image editor and optimiser. Read IrfanView's conditions of use carefully.
FTP client
IPSWITCH'S WS_FTP LE was available as a free download for students. Click the button and save the file to your computer, then double click the file icon to install.
Download Download Visit the site to download
  Windows GIF animator
MS GIF animator isn't available from Microsoft's website anymore. Click the button and save the file to your computer, then double click the file icon to install.
  Mac GIF animator
MOST GIF animation software seems to work on either Windows computers or Mac, but not both. Try this free program from Stone Design if you use a Mac.
  Screensaver maker
THIS is the only screensaver we have found that works on both Windows and Macintosh computers. Use the Contact page to tell us about others. This software has a free trial period.
Download Visit the site to download Download
THE file unzipping untility for Mac users. Older version OS users can have a free trial of this paid-for application but OSX 10.4 Tiger has its own unzip utility built in.
THE famous unzipping utility for Windows users is now a 'free trial, pay later' version. You might be able to still use this older, all free version, though.
Visit the site to download Download Download


THE FREE code can be downloaded as text files, one for each example. Some browsers open the file and display it as HTML. If this happens, click Refresh or press F5. If you still don't see raw code, choose View Source and the save the resulting text file to your computer.

Each file contains instructions for use and code should be copied from the text file and pasted into the HTML code of your web pages. Some codes have variables that need to be replaced with your own parameters, a site name or an email address. Working with these HTML and JavaScript codes requires some expertise. Save a test version of a page to practise with.

Page header script
THIS useful code is pasted into the head section of your page. It allows you to create metatags (you edit) and sets up the page for JavaScripts.
Stop right click
DETER image thieves with a pop-up warning message (you edit) that appears when a visitor tries to copy a photo using the mouse right-click.
Email subject box
OPEN a blank email message with the recipient's address and subject filed pre-populated (you edit) using this code as a hyperlink.
Download Download Download

Go back one page
USE this code to allow visitors to click back one page.

  Pop-up script
THIS piece of JavaScript will open a new window in the middle of the screen with a new page in it. Define the size, appearance and content of this window (you edit).
  Close window
GIVE visitors an easy way to close the pop-up window you created with the code on the left. Click a button or text to close the window.
Download Download Download
Make this your homepage
SOME visitors might love your site so much, they want it to be the first thing they see when they log on to the internet.
Email this page to a friend
USE this code to help visitors email your web page to others.
Add bookmark
ADD details of your web page to the Bookmark or Favourites list in your visitors' browser. 'Make homepage' and 'Add bookmark' might not work with all browsers.
Download Download Download
  Alternative pop-up script
ANOTHER version of the code to open up a pop-up window from a link. Window size and position can be set (you edit).
  Print this page
INVOKE the Print command direct from your web page. Sometimes only opens printer dialogue box requiring user to confirm printing by clicking OK.
  Sign-up form
THIS JavaScript creates a form on your page for visitors to enter personal details and join a mailing list. Requires cgi-bin facilities on your web server.
Download Download Download
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