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The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website will inspire and inform you. It features the websites of some of the world's finest photographers and will show you how to present your work to the same standard. The author has used a non-technical writing style and provided an enormous photo/internet glossary to make sure all the information is easy to understand.

The book will quickly give you a clear understanding of the basics of the Internet. It will show you how you can create a simple website for free and then explain how to build a more sophisticated site. You will learn how to promote your website to attract more visitors and potential customers. You will also find out how to manage your web-based business and how to choose the best professional help. The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website is the perfect partner to this website and together they could save you a fortune.

Full colour book featuring:
144 pages
Hundreds of colour images
Examples of great websites
An introduction to the technology
A huge glossary
Design, business and marketing ideas

The Photographer's Guide to Setting Up a Website has been written by Martyn Moore, former editor of Practical Photography magazine and Internet Magazine

The ten chapters
Why you need your own website The purpose of your website Building your website The look of your website Organizing your website's content Optimizing images for the web Creating a one-page website The benefits of a three-page site Navigation and user-friendliness Managing the growth of your website
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